David and Goliath

Do you know the old biblical story about a small David and a giant Goliath? The backstory is too long to describe, however the compression between a gigantic brute strength and a small cunning man is something worth mentioning. Since David was so small in front of the Goliath, he was mocked by his peers and his enemies alike, even by the Goliath himself – he though he will crush him and leave without saying a word. But David was a smart man with a sling, a stone and some wits in his head. Goliath was seemingly undefeatable, but there was one place where he was the weakest. David shot with his sling in this very direction and the stone hurled on the giant broke his skull and he fell down. Now picture a small pill and some big erection dysfunction.

Size doesn’t matter

You might be thinking that Cialis 5 mg is NOTHING compared to those big pills on the market and that such a giant as erectile dysfunction cannot be stopped by something like this. You would be amazed what this pill can do, and you might be even surprised how little is enough for your penis to go wild again. You only have to try it out.